Culinary Experience


A global culinary adventure awaits your palate.


Truffles & Co specializes in a diverse array of Indian cuisine, ranging from the vibrant flavors of Indian Street Food to the savory delights of Chaats and Lucknowi Kebabs. Our culinary expertise extends to Live Stir Fry Stations featuring Indo-Chinese delicacies. Additionally, our Italian house specials include a delectable assortment of bruschetta, caprese skewers, cheese platters with baguette slices, phyllo pasta filled with fresh tomatoes, savory mini muffins, mini brie with guava, and pan de queso.

For enthusiasts of Mexican cuisine, our house specials showcase a tantalizing selection of tacos, seafood, and ceviche. Meanwhile, our Middle Eastern offerings feature kebabs, hummus, shawarma, chicken over rice, baba ghanoush, falafels, and an array of salads. At Truffles & Co, we take pride in offering a culinary journey that spans continents, and we are pleased to customize our menu according to your preferences for a truly unique and delightful dining experience.

the art of plating

Where culinary creativity meets visual splendor

Where every bite is a masterpiece, and every event is an unforgettable culinary journey.

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