Culinary Experience


Embark on a Culinary Journey with Truffles & Co.


Welcome to Truffles & Co, where we take pride in being the distinguished catering company of Kailash Parbat New York, boasting over 15 years of expertise. We specialize in crafting extraordinary gastronomic journeys for your special events and celebrations.

Our globally inspired team of specialty chefs, hailing from diverse corners of the world, brings a rich tapestry of flavors to your table. From the vibrant and robust notes of Italian cuisine to the bold and spicy delights of Mexican fare, and the aromatic and intricate Middle Eastern dishes, our culinary expertise spans a spectrum of tastes.

At Truffles & Co, we go beyond conventional catering to provide an immersive experience. Our live food stations bring the culinary process to life, allowing your guests to engage with skilled chefs as they prepare dishes in real-time. This interactive element adds a personalized touch to your event, making it truly memorable.

For those who enjoy bite-sized wonders, our passed hors d'oeuvre serve as ambassadors of taste, tantalizing palates and sparking anticipation for the culinary adventure ahead.

Furthermore, our plated dishes are a masterpiece of culinary artistry, where the presentation becomes a canvas for crafting both exquisite visual and gastronomic delights.

At Truffles & Co, we are always happy to serve you, ensuring that your special moments are accompanied by exceptional food and an unparalleled dining experience.

the art of plating

Where culinary creativity meets visual splendor

Where every bite is a masterpiece, and every event is an unforgettable culinary journey.

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